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What Is The Ethiopian Family Fund?

The Ethiopian Family Fund (EFF) is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of Ethiopians through educational opportunities and access to healthcare, while respecting their cultural integrity.  We have cultivated close relationships with friends and businesses in Africa, which has allowed us to honor and respect Ethiopia’s rich culture and local knowledge, and adapt to the needs of the people we serve. At EFF we believe that only with this kind of a relationship can long lasting, sustainable progress be made.

What Does EFF Do?

Currently EFF supports four programs in Ethiopia that together strive to:

  • Support mothers and children who have or are infected by the HIV virus by providing medical care, food, skills training and financial backing in order to successfully begin a business and flourish in life;
  • Provide life-saving surgical procedures to those children most in need;
  • Provide a path out of poverty through the education of young Ethiopian women;
  • Foster compassion and humanitarianism among today’s youth in America.

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Life Saving Surgeries

“Dr. Rick,” as he is affectionately called in Ethiopia, received his medical training in Rochester and Baltimore, graduated from John Hopkins University, and was honored with a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Addis Ababa in 1985. Almost three decades later, he continues to practice at hospitals in Addis Adaba and Gondor, saving lives and specializing in helping patients with spine deformities.

Kids Help Kids

Through its Kids Help Kids program, EFF inspires young children in America to see the value of humanitarianism work. Through personal involvement in the lives of their Ethiopian counterparts, American children learn about culture, caring and compassion. EFF is passionate about giving children in America opportunities to help others less fortunate. It is vital to introduce the importance of humanitarianism at a young age. Having personal relationships with kids from different cultures is invaluable for today’s youth. Our goal is to raise young adults who care about the world, its people and know they can personally make a difference in another human being’s life.

Roman's Girls

EFF formed Roman’s Girls in response to the severe shortage of educational opportunities for young Ethiopian girls. Roman’s Girls is one of EFF’s most successful programs. Through the generous gifts of compassionate and committed sponsors, EFF was able to offer financial assistance to the program’s first students in 2008. Today, Roman’s Girls continues to identify young girls who are orphans living with a guardian or who have families living in impoverished conditions, and are therefore unable to afford an education. The neediest girls are screened and selected to receive funding that allows them to begin their schooling.

Our Sisters In Ethiopia

Our Sisters in Ethiopia program reaches out to HIV positive women and their children.  We provide a 4 month rehabilitation and training program where we offer shelter, medical care and food to the family.  We educate the women about their HIV status,  nutritional needs, hygiene, sanitation and correct medicine management. We also ensure the children are enrolled in school.It is optimal to keep these women with their children. EFF makes every effort to keep the mother-child bond strong, while supporting a sustainable path toward independence for the young mothers. 

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