Kids Help Kids – From America to Ethiopia

Through its Kids Help Kids program, EFF inspires young children in America to see the value of humanitarianism. Through personal involvement in the lives of their Ethiopian counterparts, American children learn about culture, caring and compassion.

EFF is passionate about giving children in America opportunities to help others less fortunate. It is vital to introduce the importance of humanitarianism at a young age. Having personal relationships with kids from different cultures is invaluable for today’s youth. Our goal is to raise young adults who care about the world, its people and know they can personally make a difference in a child’s life.

kids help kids

Dean, Matt and Carly Hodes, Anthony and Michael Bruno. visit and comfort heart patients at the Cardiac Center in Addis Ababa. January 2013


kids help kids

Dean and Matt Hodes and Anthony Bruno scrub up to observe open heart surgery at the Cardiac Center in Ethiopia. Pictured here with cardiac surgeon, Dr. Gopi.


kids help kids

Matt Hodes visits a young surgery patient.

kids help kids

Anthony Bruno comforts a heart surgery patient



kids help kids

Matt and Carly Hodes entertain their Ethiopian friends with some violin tunes.





kids help kids

Matt Hodes with one of Dr. Rick Hodes young patients




COLORADO INTERNATIONAL THEATRE TROUPE visits Ethiopian Children for theatrical adventure – 2009 Dean Hodes, age 11, nephew of Dr. Rick Hodes and son of EFF founder Marla Hodes, traveled with an international theatre group, Mudd Butts International, based out of Telluride, Colorado to live and do theatre with Ethiopian students in Wondo Genet , a small village 6 hours out of Addis Ababa. The Telluride thespians raised over $3000 to help destitute children in Ethiopia and took school supplies, warm blankets and clothes for the families of Wondo Genet. The amazing trip culminated in a show “Fire On The Mountain” based around an Ethiopian tale with the American students acting along side their Ethiopian counterparts.



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