There are so many ways to help Ethiopian children and families! A few ideas are listed below:


1.  Make a donation to EFF   donateGreen

2. Visit Ethiopia and volunteer to help with any of our programs. Please contact Marla Hughes, our Executive Director by filling out a Contact Form if you would like assistance in planning a humanitarian trip to Ethiopia.

3.  Send a young Ethiopian girl to school for $500 per year, as part of Roman’s Girls program.

4.  Host a child before and/or after a major surgery.  Please visit Mending Kids, International for more information.

5.  Host a fundraiser for EFF at your home. EFF’s staff can provide assistance with organization and planning. 

6.  Arrange for your child to have a life-changing experience by helping another child in Ethiopia. Please contact Marla Hodes by completing a Contact Form.


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