Who is Dr. Rick?

Originally, Rick Hodes planned to stay in Africa for only a year, but upon seeing the dire needs of the African people and knowing that he was uniquely qualified to help them, Rick Hodes, M.D. remained. “Dr. Rick,” as he is affectionately called in Ethiopia, received his medical training in Rochester and Baltimore, graduated from John Hopkins University, and was honored with a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Addis Ababa in 1985. Almost three decades later, he continues to practice at hospitals in Addis Adaba and Gondor, saving lives and specializing in helping patients with spine deformities.

His greatest passion, however, remains caring for the severely ill at Mother Teresa’s Mission for the Destitute and Dying where he regularly volunteers, saving the lives of children others have forgotten. In addition to his professional contributions, Dr. Rick has also adopted five Ethiopian children, giving them the opportunity to be part of his family, have access to healthcare, and receive a private education.  Dr. Rick also supports, educates, and houses an additional fifteen children whom he counts as part of his growing international family.

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More information about Dr. Hodes can be found on his website.

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