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Educating Girls

EFF believes that the only way to break the cycle of poverty is to educate the children, especially the girls. Studies have shown that educating females tends to have a greater generational impact on decreasing poverty and increasing educational opportunities than any other investment. Because young girls will someday be the future mothers of a new generation, EFF wants to empower girls to contribute to the work force and be financially independent. EFF is committed to making that investment through education.Roman's Girls

EFF formed Roman’s Girls in response to theRoman's Girls severe shortage of educational opportunities for young Ethiopian girls. Roman’s Girls is one of EFF’s most successful programs. Through the generous gifts of compassionate and committed sponsors, EFF was able to offer financial assistance to the program’s first students in 2008. Today, Roman’s Girls continues to identify young girls who are orphans living with a guardian or who have families living in impoverished conditions, and are therefore unable to afford an education. The neediest girls are screened and selected to receive funding that allows them to begin their schooling.

Who is Roman Kifle?

Roman Kifle, EFF coordinator of the Roman’s Girls program, is an Ethiopian educator whose passion is to inspire girls to become leaders in life. Wholly involved in the process of screening and selecting the most financially needy students, Ms. Kifle serves as the liason between the families, the girls, and their school, creating a safe and nurturing connection among them. Ms. Kifle is key in ensuring that the girls are thriving educationally, emotionally, and physically. Roman Kifle received her masters degree in Science in the United States and then returned to Ethiopia to live, raise a family and help those in need.

For more information or to sponsor a child, please contact Marla Hodes at

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