Cate and Her Mom

The Author and her Mom

I just recently started homeschooling when my mother showed me a video of Rahel, a young Ethiopian girl  who was given the opportunity to go to school  through the Ethiopian Family Fund. Rahel was standing up in front of quite a few people speaking about how thankful she was for her education and her previous sponsor when I realized how incredible Rahel is.

These girls have so little and still have a better understanding of happiness and joy. I often find myself not being as thankful for the things I have as I should be. These girls have been given an education which is incredible. Without an education it is much harder to get a job, make good decisions, and to be successful in life.

I am so glad to be able to send Rahel to school again this year. She is such a bright, smart, young girl who will go far in the world, and amaze others. I hope these girls cherish their education and the amazing people who started this lovely program. Education is a very powerful tool, and these fortunate girls have been given the best gift someone can receive.

-Cate Sobieski (age 12)

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