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The Ethiopian Family Fund is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of Ethiopians through educational opportunities and access to healthcare, while respecting their cultural integrity.   Because the EFF team is composed primarily of committed volunteers, we are proud to report that 95 percent of all money collected  goes directly to our programs in Ethiopia. We believe our donors deserve to know that when they give to our cause, their hard-earned money will be only be used on the things that matter most.  Because we have demonstrated excellent efficiency and accountability since the beginning, many of our donors continue to support our cause year after year.  We also recognize the importance of working in true partnership with our African counterparts.  This partnership highlights our commitment to cultural sensitivity, respect for local knowledge and the necessity of an organization to adapt to the needs of the people it serves. Our Ethiopian Partnerships offer valuable cultural knowledge, community connections, and commitment to our ideals, all which are vital to the success of our program.  Thus, we have secured these key relationships throughout our travels; cultivating friendships and trusting business relationships while remaining respectful of Ethiopian’s  particular needs and rich culture.  EFF believes that only with this kind of a relationship can long lasting, sustainable progress be made.

Yes, the problems in Africa can be overwhelming.  However, our personal relationships in Africa bring knowledge of the simple, small things we can do which will make a huge difference for a child, a family, and a community.  At EFF we are committed to demonstrating accountability and transparency in all that we do.  Whether it is helping a child receive spine/heart surgery, buying shoes for a child, or sponsoring a young girl’s education, our  donors can be assured the money goes exactly where it was intended.

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