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Make A Donation to Dr. Rick Hodes

By making a donation, you are contributing to the tireless effort Dr. Rick makes to save and transform the lives of individuals who would otherwise be without hope.


Make A Donation to Roman’s Girls

Roman’s Girls identifies young girls who are orphans living with a guardian or who have families living in impoverished conditions, and are therefore unable to afford an education. The neediest girls are screened and selected to receive funding that allows them to begin their schooling.By making a donation to Roman's Girls, you are helping a young Ethiopian girl become educated, and by doing so, helping to end the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia.


Make A Donation to Our Sisters in Ethiopia, an HIV/AIDS Women’s Project

HIV/AIDS is powerful and widespread in Ethiopia. Fear and misinformation surround it.  Many people who test positive for HIV/AIDS are ostracized from their families and communities, and this is especially difficult for women and children, who don’t have many places they can turn to for their survival. For this reason, EFF is helping these families.

Our Sisters in Ethiopia program reaches out to HIV positive women and their children. We provide a 4 month rehabilitation/training program where we offer shelter, medical care and food to the family. We educate the women about their HIV status,  nutritional needs, hygiene, sanitation and correct medicine management. We also ensure the children are enrolled in school.It is optimal to keep these women with their children. EFF makes every effort to keep the mother-child bond strong, while supporting a sustainable path toward independence for the young mothers.

A skills training program is implemented  in order to teach the women how to manage money and how to begin a business hence becoming more independent and bringing hope to the family. To help facilitate this, we provide capital to help the women get started. Our partners on the ground oversee the women on a daily basis during the program.  After graduation, each women is followed and helped to succeed. The businesses start out small but can grow exponentially when these ladies are given a chance.We have seen this happen over and over. And importantly, they come to understand that they are not “bad” or “cursed” and they are not alone. Beautiful friendships are made and a new life begins. EFF is committed to these women and their children.


Make A Donation To Kids Help Kids

By donating to Kids Help Kids, you are not only helping sick and destitute children in Ethiopia, but you are also helping young people in our own country by giving them the opportunity to engage in a life-changing cultural and humanitarian experience. 


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