A team from the Ethiopian Family Fund joined Mending Kids International on an amazing journey:  a cardiac, pediatric medical mission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Executive Director of EFF, Marla Hodes, says, “It was a magical trip.  We would be playing with a child one day, the next day he or she would have open heart surgery and 2 days later we would be hugging and crying saying goodbye.  It was a trip of a life time.”   EFF worked closely with Mending Kids International and the International Cadiac Heart Foundation.   Thirty lifesaving surgeries were done.  The team also visited Roman’s Girls, EFF’s sponsorship program, which is thriving and an HIV orphanage which supports adoption for the babies and helps HIV positive mothers.  Please visit the following galleries for pictures of this wonderful trip:

http://gallery.me.com/mhodes/100164 Roman’s Girls


http://mendingkids.org/ Website for Mending Kids International

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