Jessa Derania, a young humanitarian woman who has worked in Kenya, has just arrived back in the US after visiting Roman’s girls and spending time with Dr. Rick Hodes.  See what Jessa has to say to the sponsors of the 19 little girls going to school now.

Dear Friends,

I recently returned from a month in Ethiopia and had the pleasure of seeing your support in action. The trip was both magical and at times heartbreaking. So many people need help in such desperate ways. The support you are providing your little girls gives them opportunities that are very precious. It was a joy to be able to spend time with them, get to know them and watch them learn.

Walking into the girls’ class felt very much like walking into a US classroom, which is a good thing! The girls were working with their teachers, reviewing homework. They were all smiles and curiosity, blessedly carefree in their neat little uniforms. Their confidence was amazing considering the struggles they face in a country where life for the poor can be very, very harsh.

I hope you can see the fun and hope in the photos from my visit. You’ve been an essential part of giving them structure, allowing them to learn and experience childhood. I cannot thank you enough, you really are changing lives.

Jessa Derania

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