In 2006, the Ethiopian Family Fund (EFF) was established as a 501C3 non-profit agency dedicated to improving the lives of poor children in Ethiopia. One of the ways this is achieved is through Roman’s Girls; a program that has identified 20 little girls who are either orphans living with a guardian or young girls living with families in destitute conditions unable to afford education.  In September 2008, EFF provided financial assistance to all 19 girls thanks to many generous sponsors. Who is Roman? Roman Kifle is an Ethiopian educator living in Ethiopia after her American education.  She is the former Director of the girls’ program at Unity College in Addis Ababa and is our EFF coordinator for all of the little girls known as “Roman’s Girls”. On an ongoing basis, Roman meets with the family and personally spends time with each young girl and her family to be sure she is thriving educationally, emotionally and receiving good nutrition. Imagine the daily challenges of families placed into poverty by a peaceful but poor country; unable to provide education or jobs for its people.  We believe the only way to break the cycle of poverty is to seek out the youngest of its people, the children, and give them the opportunity to become educated. Young girls will become the future mothers and caregivers, hence educating them is vital.  For as little as $500 per year or $40 per month you can sponsor a young girl with everything she needs to learn including hope. Here’s How Can You Help In the Future: Contact Naomi Carona, Director of Roman’s girls, to ask questions or to sponsor a young girl in the future.  EFF will send you a photo and a description of your little girl’s family, her needs and some of her interests. EFF, through Roman, will then enroll your little girl in a predetermined school (we at EFF have picked the schools out personally during our trip in October 2007) and arrange transportation. She will be given a uniform, books, pencils, a lunch box and book bag. Roman will meet with her teacher and relay all information directly to your email address. You’ll then be a proud sponsor! As her sponsor you will receive two annual updates on her progress and you will see her growth in annual photographs.  You will also have the chance to send her cards, letters or small gifts if you choose to do so. She will also have the opportunity to send pictures and letters to you. You will be able to contact Roman directly to ask questions or contact Marla Hodes, Executive Director of EFF, or 949-230-1443.  Thank you for considering a sponsorship that will make a tremendous difference in a young girl’s life!  Enjoy this video of the girls:



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