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The Women and Children EFF Works With

helping Ethiopian children helping ethiopian children, marla hodes helping ethiopian childrenhelping ethiopian children, helping Ethiopian childrenTelluride Aids Benefit (TAB) named EFF a beneficiary for the 4th year in a row.  Marla Hodes, Executive Director of EFF, states “We are so honored that TAB has named us once again as a beneficiary. The money from TAB helps to send two little girls, who families have been affected by AIDS, to school. The money will also be used to help a project dedicated to helping mothers and children who are HIV positive.”

EFF works with and helps support a program called Project Hopeful, which helps children and mothers who are HIV positive. It seeks to alleviate the need for HIV+ mother’s to relinquish their children and was born out of a desire to honor the birth mothers of Project HOPEFUL children (these are children who are HIV+ and have been adopted by families in the United States). The goal of the Project is to provide HOLISTIC and medical care for infected mothers and their families in order to prevent unnecessary loss. These goals will be achieved by emotionally, spiritually and physically supporting families with HIV+ members (primarily mothers) by providing them access to vital medical care and helping them obtain self–sustainability by providing skill training and job support. Our goal is that mothers won’t have to place their children in orphanages because of inability to provide for their families AND to help these mothers become a vital part of their communities.

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